Manufacturing and distribution requirements for products designated for domestic or international markets are numerous, increasingly complex and will continue to represent a significant challenge to companies and their managers. Expert knowledge in a variety of areas is required more and more often in order to answer product-related questions, as well as to recognize and filter out relevant information on standards and compliance.

External regulatory compliance specialists can provide interim solutions. However, the long-term goal of many organizations is to assemble a competent, internal specialist team to take care of standards procurement, standards administration and all compliance requirements.

Learn from the specialists – tailored to your needs

The workshops and seminars offered by GLOBALNORM ACADEMY are aimed at everyone who would like a better understanding of existing structures in standards management and product compliance management. The sessions will provide you with practice-oriented strategies and bring into view the essentials.

We offer basic courses for beginners, as well as events for experts interested in improving their knowledge and exchanging expertise among equals. Participants in our workshops and seminars range from manufacturers and importers to retailers, from business and industry sectors such as:

  • Consumer products – toys, domestic appliances or ITC products
  • Engineering and construction
  • Industrial measuring and laboratory devices
  • Medical technology

When will you be expanding your horizon in standards and product compliance management? Benefit from the knowledge of our specialists – confidently, reliably and efficiently.