The Standards and PRODUCT COMPLIANCE Academy

Product manufacturing and distribution requirements for domestic and international markets are becoming increasingly complex. They represent a considerable challenge to companies and especially to members of staff in charge of them.

Consultants and external specialists can help out in the short term, but to be able to deal with more complex issues as well as to identify and filter out relevant information, companies with a long-term orientation need to create an in-house expert knowledge base.

Our ACADEMY offers training in a format to suit you – for a direct knowledge transfer from our experts to your company.  Contact us to find out more.

Professional development events by GLOBALNORM ACADEMY tailored to your daily business needs

For all levels of experience – Beginners to Experts

We offer introductory training courses for beginners as well as advanced level events for specialists interested in gaining a more profound understanding of their field and exchanging expert knowledge among equals.

For all economic operators – Manufacturers to Importers

Manufacturers, importers and distributors – they have all attended our workshops and seminars.  We know Product Compliance and the reliable and efficient use of regulations from all of these angles.

For all industries – Automotive to Wireless

Our wealth of experience covers a wide range of industries and industrial sectors:

We have mastered many real-life challenges for our customers to date.  And we're pleased to share the knowledge we've gained from these successes with every participant at our training events.

For more insight and in-house expertise

The training and further education courses offered at our ACADEMY are aimed at anyone wanting to understand existing standards management structures and product compliance management.  They offer practical advice on how to proceed and sharpen your perception of the essentials.


Let a specialist show you how

Successful seminars on standards, individual coaching on compliance and more. We create valuable expert knowledge in your business.


The right way to expand your Standards horizon

We'll show you efficient tools and methods to identify, manage and correctly apply relevant Standards and Regulations.


GLOBALNORM Product Compliance Conference

Knowledge exchange among equals on all aspects of Product Compliance.


Customized workshops

A specific challenge is getting in the way of your business? Our experts deliver answers and formulate a practical solution in cooperation with you.


Individual training courses

The focus of our in-house training courses is on you, your company and all aspects of Standards and Compliance that matter to you.

Expand your horizon!

More know-how on Product Compliance and Standards Management
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