Product Compliance and Standards Management training course feedback

Over the years we've had the opportunity to pass on our knowledge and expertise to a variety of companies and prominent business figures in a wide range of industries.  We've put together a selection of statements and opinions by our customers on the various training programs we offer.

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Participant feedback – GLOBALNORM Product Compliance conference

"Outstanding lectures by qualified experts.  A very good event at which to learn how to implement Product Compliance efficiently and effectively in a business.  The topics of risk management, opportunities and threats were dealt with exceptionally well."

Matthias Vieth, Unternehmensberatung Dr. Matthias Vieth, Eppertshausen, Germany

"The event represents an important experience interchange at the highest professional level  absolutely up-to-the-minute and future-oriented."

Jürgen Bialek, Ingenieurbuero Juergen Bialek, Freiberg, Germany

Case studies

Feedback from our participants


Customized workshop: Automotive industry

A small company in the automotive supply industry requested consultation on requisite CE authorizations as well as product liability prevention.  In response, the GLOBALNORM ACADEMY experts held a workshop on the client's premises, involved all stakeholders and provided comprehensive advice on all relevant topics.

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On-site training: Electrical & electronics industry

The GLOBALNORM COMPLIANCE experts conducted an on-site training course for 40 Sales and Marketing staff at a leading family-owned global electronics and electrical engineering company.  The objective was to raise awareness of product compliance requirements, with particular emphasis on the compliance of products manufactured by the company as well as the products it purchased or reused.  It was important to Executive Management to communicate the extent of responsibility that their sales and marketing staff had in avoiding liability risks.

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More know-how on Product Compliance and Standards Management
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CPSC publishes reference to mandatory ANSI/UL 4200A-2023 standard.

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EU: No more shifting of LKSG obligations to suppliers

BAFA publishes handout on supply chain cooperation

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Additional markings for radio equipment with charging function (USB-C)

More labelling instead of uniformity

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