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A conference with true added value

The GLOBALNORM Product Compliance conference is held on a regular basis and focuses on current issues surrounding Product Compliance.  In addition to intriguing expert panel discussions and lectures, specific topics are highlighted in a selection of workshops where participants can obtain advice and practical strategies on how to deal with their unique set of issues.

The multidisciplinary composition of speakers and participants ensures an impressive diversity and an enriching, productive dialogue.  A lively interchange of experiences as well as establishing and maintaining contacts in your business network form an integral part of the conference's identity.

By experts for experts

Cross-industry expertise communicated in thematic lectures and expert panel discussions between industry and market authorities.


The 9th GLOBALNORM Product Compliance ConferenceVirtuell

On September 9th 2021, our popular conference will take place for the ninth time, the second time as virtual format. We are freeing ourselves from the uncertainties of this time and are planning this conference digitally right from the start. You can look forward to controversial topics and brilliant speakers.

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the 8th GLOBALNORM Product Compliance Conference virtual

November 24 and 25, 2020

As a face-to-face event, we unfortunately had to cancel our popular conference format in this pandemic-ridden year. In order to still be able to pass on our know-how, we have unceremoniously moved the tutorials to the virtual world. Our experts from the GLOBALNORM team held six compact online presentations on the latest topics related to product compliance.

Tutorial #1

Tutorial #2

Tutorial #3

Tutorial #4

Tutorial #5

Tutorial #6

"The size of the area of knowledge of product compliance is extremely impressive and was communicated very well! The presentation method with mind map drilled into depth in some places, I found very good for this tutorial! In addition to the other tutorials that I attended, I also wanted to praise the quick online answers to the audience's questions as a sideline. I have never experienced this at any webinar before.“

Ekkehard Groß, Product Compliance Manager, Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Putzbrunn


“Great presentation with lots of info showing that market access into new countries can be very time consuming. I will certainly present one or two things from the presentation to our management.”

Stefan Gies, Director Engineering Service, devolo AG, Aachen

“Excellent overview and a very good working aid to be able to reliably set up the necessary processes and generate corresponding information.”

Jürgen Bialek, Ingenieurbüro Bialek, Freiberg


Highlights of the 7th GLOBALNORM conference 2019

April 04 and 05, 2019 in Berlin, Germany

The new record number of over 100 participant’s shows one more time the importance of product conformity for every economic operator and how great the associated need for knowledge is.

Day 1: lectures with news and entertaining value

Sector independent topics were examined by the speakers during the first conference day. Joachim Geiß from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, for example, reported about the current negotiations for the so-called “Goods Package” which covers a revision of the market surveillance in the EU. In addition to that his head of department Boris Böhme introduced the German Market Regulation Forum.

Two compliance responsible persons showed on the basis of examples from their companies how product compliance management can be realized and gave valuable practical tips gained from their learning.

Attorney Philipp Reusch as well as host Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Michael Loerzer addressed the topic of the legal perspective of product compliance on the one hand in the EU and on the other hand regarding the USA in comparison.

The first day was topped off with a discussion regarding “Quo Vadis European Standardization” because there arouse new questions regarding the publication politics of the EU commission since the “James Elliott” ECJ judgement.

In the evening we aimed high and went up on the radio tower for dinner and charming singers of old film songs, inspiring table talks and a breathtaking view of a fabulous sun set and the sea of lights of the capital.

Day 2: tutorials incl. practical relevance

The realization of product compliance in practice was focused on the second day.

In three tutorials each during the morning and afternoon session the participants got helpful knowhow for mastering real challenges like mandatory registrations with respect to WEEE, Chemical Compliance, the new REDCA TGN01, marketability of consumer products as well as the development of instructions according to IEC/IEEE 82079-1 and the search and monitoring of market access conditions.

Following this, one had the opportunity to talk about specific subjects with the experts of the second day at the Round Tables or to network with other participants.

Welcome to our 7th GLOBALNORM Product Compliance Conference

Attentive listeners from various industries

More than 100 participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Coffee breaks for networking

Panel discussion on day 1

Practical tutorials on day 2

Round Tables on day 2

View from our evening event at the Funkturm

The "gentlemen from the gas station" entertained during the evening event

"...a big Thank You for the good job on the organization of a gripping conference. Not only succeeded GLOBALNORM despite the width of different industries and thus various main areas of interests to present exciting topics but also was the (surely work-intensive) organization of the conference and the evening event carried out perfect to the detail."

Ulf Seemann, Head of Quality Management & Market Compliance, Vivanco GmbH, Ahrensburg

"Thank you very much for the interesting exchange and the informative speeches. Special thanks to the organization team and the attentive service up to the compliant goodie. Perfect event – I gladly come back again!"

Idzumi Neumärker, Product Compliance Management, TTS Tooltechnic Systems Deutschland GmbH, Wendlingen

"…I’d like to say Thank You for all the recent events. Beginning from the product compliance work group to the PCO expert dialogue and up to the conference: everything pleased me and my two colleagues a lot. The organization, the speakers and last but not least the exchange was awesome."

Jörg Schneider, Head Product Compliance, Geberit International AG, Jona (CH)


Highlights of the 6th GLOBALNORM conference 2017

November 22 and 23, 2017 in Berlin, Germany

As professional interest in Product Compliance expertise is growing, our thematic conference is developing into an increasingly influential expert knowledge platform.  In 2009 we welcomed just under 30 participants at our inaugural GLOBALNORM Product Compliance conference.  To date, the event has grown to include more than 80 participants from a wide range of industry sectors.

Daily order of business: Product Compliance

Precisely how complex product compliance can be was illustrated by Michael Loerzer in his opening address at the 6th GLOBALNORM Product Compliance conference in Berlin, Germany.  The convergence of technologies and achieving proficient regulatory and normative control over them is one of the central challenges of the future.  Take a wooden table, for example.  Attach a light-emitting diode (LED), WLAN and a propulsion motor and you have a high-tech product.

Business relevance was added by Mr. Diedonné of Heraeus Noblelight GmbH.  The lighting system manufacturer now has two Product Compliance Officers on staff, both of whom received their training at the GLOBALNORM ACADEMY – in Quality Assurance Management as well as in Development, Design and Construction.

Market surveillance authorities' perspective on the new Directives

Dr. Honnacker of the Bavarian State Ministry for Environment and Consumer Protection pointed out the immense responsibility borne by economic operators, and requested a discussion round.  It became clear during this discussion that public authorities play a significant role in terms of providing a safety net (i.e. market surveillance and ensuring fair competition) and are also perceived as a consultative partner.  Univ. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Bracke of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Safety Technology at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal (Chair of Reliability Engineering and Risk Analysis) contributed two product recall examples that cleary showed how failure behavior and prognoses can be calculated using statistical methods.  Mr. Schaber of SICK AG (Dept. External Standards and Regulations) presented the automated drafting of EU Declarations of Conformity for the over 40,000 variants of their product.

Mr. Meinders of the Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency) was the second representative of a public authority and presented the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU.  The lively question round after his talk revealed that the Directive, which had come into force on June 13, 2017 was still causing difficulties on occasion.  One issue, for example, was how to handle 'combined equipment' under this new Directive, with the period for comment on this question due to expire at the end of January 2018.  Our legal counsel, Ms Inken Green, presented recent developments in environmental compliance, most notably the amendment to the RoHS Directive.  Other topics included the new Energy Labeling Ordinance, a review of 10 years of REACH as well as potential challenges ahead.

Workshops with a practical orientation, key topics and case studies

On the second day of the conference, six different workshops focusing on the practical aspects of Product Compliance were on offer to participants:

  • Standards Management – Practical issues, organization and objectives from a business point of view
  • Product Compliance in the business' structure – As much as is needed and as little as possible
  • Market authorization requirements for electrical products in the global movement of goods
  • Products with integrated wireless transmission (radio) components – Legally compliant implementation of the Radio Equipment Directive
  • Dialog between economic operators and public authorities – Current issues regarding CE marking, obligations of economic operators and liability issues
  • Application of the Conformity Assessment procedure without a specific product standard

A Recommendation for Action in German and English, with sample Declaration of Conformity forms, developed in the "Products with Integrated Wireless Transmission Components" workshop will be made available here shortly.

Impressions of the 6th Globalnorm Product Compliance Conference

Captivating expert panel debates

GLOBALnorm Product Compliance expert Michael Loerzer

Opportunities for individual consultation on practical issues

Informative lectures

"The informal setting of the conference enabled everyone to connect with relevant public authorities and gain insight into how other organizations were dealing with CE marking issues."

Albert Herdt, Engineer, High Performance Electronics, EWM AG, Mündersbach

"Knowledge exchange between representatives of different industry sectors provided reassurance of not being alone in mastering the challenges of Product Compliance.  Moreover, involving a market surveillance authority in the discussion was very good."

Michael Schweizer, Machine Solutions Certification Manager, Schneider Electric Automation GmbH, Marktheidenfeld

"A very good mix of relevant presentations.  GLOBALNORM staff as well as the external speakers and the attendees made good use of the conference as a truly solution-oriented platform."

Dieter Bauer, Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH, Stuttgart

"Factual, proficient lectures with practical examples of implementation for general requirements.  A very well structured event, especially the round table discussions at the end offered a welcome opportunity for in-depth discussions."

Wolfgang Scholer, Development Manager, ROTEX Heating Systems GmbH, Güglingen

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The 9th GLOBALNORM Product Compliance Conference is expected to take place on 09/09/2021.


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